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ENGAGING MILLENNIAL MINDS®: Let's Get Physical - Event Video

ENGAGING MILLENNIAL MINDS®: Let's Get Physical - Event Video

Our event with Dr. Wendy Suzuki explaining how higher levels of physical fitness are associated with better brain structure and higher cognitive function. Full video.

Mother's Day Message

On Mother’s Day, amazing support for women’s brain health and our initiative from Robin Wright, Diane Lane, Trudie Styler, Teddy Sears, Martha Stewart, Tonya Lewis Lee, Marcia Gay Harden, Donna Karan, and Cecile Richards.

From Her Lips to Our Ears® with Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden, award-winning journalist, bestselling author, and television host, candidly shared her anxieties, breakthroughs, and how she’s coping with the realities of aging in her latest book “Why Did I Come Into This Room?”

ENGAGING MILLENNIAL MINDS®: Chew on This - Event Video

This virtual culinary event featured Celebrity Chef and Restauranteur Mark McEwan.

Women's Brain Health Day 2020

CTV’s Pattie Lovett-Reid and Anne-Marie Mediwake host a virtual fundraising event featuring special guests and musical performances and Stand Ahead® for women’s brain health.

Engaging Millennial Minds®: The Calm After the Storm

An engaging virtual event on learning to manage your stress in these currently volatile, uncertain and rapidly changing times, and getting the edge you need to help yourself survive and thrive.

Engaging Millennial Minds®: Through the Weeds Event Video

An enlightening livestream panel discussion on the highs and lows of cannabis to our health and wellbeing.

MIND MATTERS: Women, Technology, & Staying Independent

Highlights from our event about maintaining our dignity, independence, safety as we age. Learn how technology can support independent living so we can age at home longer.

MIND MATTERS: Women, Technology & Diabetes

Highlights from our event with Dr. Laura Roselia and Dr. Joseph Cafazzo about healthy eating and technological solutions to avoiding and controlling diabetes.

MIND MATTERS: Women, Technology, & Mental Health

Highlights from our event with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nasreen Khatri and Clinical Reseacher Dr. Andre Iaboni on the differences between brain health and mental heath and how we can maintain our cognitive vitality.

Mind Matters: Women, Technology & Caregiving

Watch the full talk and discussion with advocate Ron Beleno and two young women featured in the documentary MUCH TOO YOUNG who have provided care to their mom since she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Mind Matters: Women, Technology & Pain

Watch the full presentation of this Mind Matters event with researchers developing technology to help identify when someone is in pain.

MIND MATTERS: Women, Technology & Heart Health

Watch the full presentation of this Mind Matters event to better understand your risks of heart disease, impacts, latest research and advances.