Young Person’s Cabinet

Inspiring millennials to protect their brain health.

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The earlier in life you start protecting your brain health, the better your cognitive outcome. Lifestyle factors can play an important role in the health of your brain as you age.

The ability to think well in middle age depends to a surprisingly large degree on your lifestyle as a young adult. A growing body of research has found that making just a few changes to how you live your life can have a dramatic long-term impact on your brain health and dementia risk.

Women’s Brain Health Initiative Young Person’s Cabinet hopes to encourage millennials to start looking after their brain health now so that they don’t succumb to some of the memory robbing illnesses that have begun plaguing the baby boom generation. We may not be able to do all good things for ourselves all the time, but when it comes to the brain, the more we can do, the earlier in life, the better.

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